For pictures and interesting discussions on these critters, we refer you to our informative website  "African Econo Hunting". 

Typically varmint would include the hated black-backed jackal, Cape fox, caracal, African wildcat, brown hyena, serval, porcupine, rock hyrax, spring hare, rabbit, pigeon, ground squirrel, baboon and monkey. Note that not all of these critters occur at the same time and in the same area. Depending on which province we hunt in, several of them require permits.

In the Photo Gallery section of this site is a page called Varmint taken by Clients with pictures of varmint hunted by previous clients of Custom Safaris. When we quote a client for a plains game safari, we usually include a "no charge" varmint extra, because we mostly hunt on concessions where our relationships with the land owners make that possible.

As a longstanding member of a local varmint hunting club and a sponsor to the Predator Masters Bulletin Board, we consider ourselves specialists in the field of predator calling.  We regularly support live stock farmers with problem animal control.

Night calling is a specialty in which we feel with confidence that we can out-perform most hunting outfitters in South Africa.  Albeit that our clients mostly come here to hunt plains game, we have found it a rewarding experience to have the client take small predators at night.

During one vacation I back-packed to the USA to call coyotes and bobcat with my American cyber buddies. I learnt a lot from them about day-calling and welded some lasting friendships.