Quoting Procedure

Let's suppose you have visited this site and decided that you would like to explore the possibility of hunting with us. You now need not fill in a form and tick what you want to buy. You need only drop me an e-mail or speak to me in person on the phone.

llochner@howden.co.za                            at work - my more effective mail address

lochi@affordableafricanhunting.com         at home

27 82 900-8864                                         on my cell phone

Depending on the time of year, we are roughly in time sync with London - that is 7 hours ahead of United States.

In response to your first enquiry we shall answer your questions and supplement it with additional relevant info that you may need at that early stage. If you are still interested we will ask you some more questions in order to better determine your basic needs and animal wish list.

We then send you Proposal A, a first draft itinerary with fixed prices.  If you still express interest, we together amend and change and fine-tune the safari itinerary to what we both think you would enjoy most at optimal price. During this process we communicate with you at length, to ensure that you understand the choices to be made. If, during this stage, we realize that you are talking to the wrong outfitter, we will tell you that, and even direct you toward a more appropriate supplier of your needs. If you wish to shop around for better offers, we will assist you in a price comparing exercise by providing you with as many other sources of similar supply as you may need to explore. (E.g. South African Game Ranchers Association, PHASA, local hunting magazine ads, etc.)

If, after clear communication of options and costs, it seems that our scope of supply and your needs are congruent, we will send you a customized, written contract for your comments and amendments and additions. You will ask us more frank (and detailed) questions and demand explicit answers. We will also send you the contact details of all previous clients and you will ask them for their objective opinions about hunting with us.  To protect our ex clients from "window shoppers", understandably we only provide you with their contact details once you seem to have gotten to a stage of genuine interest. Eventually both parties will sign a formal agreement on the detailed scope of supply, dates and prices. After this you need to validate the agreement by sending us a deposit, which will construe a binding agreement between us. The reasonable amount of such deposit and cancellation clause is to be agreed upon.

A formal written agreement like this is not only a legal requirement by Nature Conservation of all 9 provinces, but a meaningful way to avoid disappointment and disputes. At these stages in the client / outfitter relationship there is no room for trust.  Trust cannot be demanded - but has to be earned.  Someone once said that if the least significant aspect of an agreement is left off the written contract, that aspect is guaranteed to cause a dispute later on. Undoubtedly it is in the interest of both parties to handle these matters in a professional, businesslike manner.  This way there is every chance of an enjoyable, stress-free holiday for both.