Handgun & Bow

I have moved from rifle to handgun to bow over some decades.

Many moons back I could only afford to hunt few times a year, and my trusty rifle served the purpose. As I gradually hunted more frequently, my bank account could not withstand the recoil any more. So I moved on to open-sighted handgun hunting.  This method of hunting vastly improved my bush-craft skills and ability to stalk and track animals.  I gradually overcome the hand gun handicap also, which culminated in bow hunting.

As an avid bow-hunter for the last 8 years, I understand the needs of the bow hunter and have access to bow-only concessions where I have hunted myself.  As committee member of the local bow hunters association, I have access to up-to-date information on the changing legal requirements regarding this fast growing sport, and to quality bow hunting concessions. Many of the about 10 000 rifle hunting game ranches are converting to "rifle & bow" or "bow only" facilities lately. Unfortunately several of these land owners are inexperienced in providing for the bow hunters needs.  It is therefore crucially important for me to personally bow-hunt a specific concession before offering a safari to a bow hunting client on that concession.

Facilities on bow hunting concessions vary from pit blinds, ground blinds and tree stands to walk-and-stalk options.  The main attraction to the blinds is water.  Rain can negatively influence the number of opportunities, so seasonal timing and alternative options are therefore critical when planning a bow hunting safari well in advance.

Legalities vary between the 9 provinces of South Africa for handgun and bow hunting.

Most enquiries that we receive from potential foreign clients are for rifle hunting. Perhaps it is not yet known that South Africa with its dry climate offers extraordinary bow hunting opportunities.